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About Ho Hodos Worship Arts

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Ho Hodos Worship Arts

art that worships...be the art

Ho Hodos is a worship arts practice through which people may discover and cultivate their gifts. It's for Christians who are interested in exploring art as a way to worship God, and explore the unique abilities He's placed within. In so doing, the focus is not simply on the art, but the artist. It's more about discovering and releasing what's within you, then about making an art project. For both the young and experienced artist, we encourage you to explore a variety of art to identify the unique combination of gifts God has put within you--your worship art fingerprint. Not only does your art become an expression of worship, it will release an anointing of the Holy Spirit into our culture as you step out into your gift.

You work through one degree at a time, completing a workbook and tasks, (written lessons, events and art), designed to help you grow practically as well as spiritually so you, as a person, become art that worships. There are beads you earn for the tasks you complete and art you create. You work with your own art materials to explore all seven Ho Hodos art categories. You may go through the practice on your own, or join with others in your area to form a group practice.The kids and adult books are coordinated to work together, so this is a great way for families to not only uncover their individual gifts, but develop an appreciation for the gifts of others in the group as well.

The two degrees of the Follower (beginner) level each lead you through twelve sessions where you explore all of the Ho Hodos art categories. There are also two degrees at the (advanced) Disciple level and twelve sessions in each of those degrees also. Your art projects at the Disciple degrees are made from whichever Ho Hodos categories you choose. Keep in mind we do not teach skill, but encourage art to be created from the heart as led by the Holy Spirit.

The Servant level is the top level. As a Servant your sessions become unique to you and your group's gifts. You choose to earn whichever beads you want for art, events, Bible Studies or personal breakthough. At the Servant level you may choose to pursue a Servant Knight designation.

We do not pass your information on to anyone else, it stays private with us. We hope you join us and explore your gifts!

Check out the Ho Hodos Worship Arts Guidebook for more information.

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