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Everyone Begins as a Follower!

Whether you are planning to work on your own or in a group practice, this is where it all starts. Price includes the Follower booklet, all meeds (beads) and free shipping. You supply your own art materials. The book covers 12 sessions. When completed continue with the Disciple level.

Breakdown of packages:

  • Purchase one Adult set for each adult participant (1 book, 1 set of meeds)
  • Purchase one Child and Mentor set for the first (or only) child in your group 
  • Purchase one Adult and Child set if you will participate with the child(ren) in your group (this gives you your own workbook and set of meeds in addition to the Mentor book)
  • Purchase one Child only set for each additional child (2nd or more) in your group

Only one Mentor book is needed for each child group. Be sure to purchase the optional bead packet if you would like to earn those beads. These are beads earned for activities done outside of session.