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Continue your Worship Art journey from Disciple to Servant! Your worship arts practice takes a shift at the Servant level. Instead of pre-planned projects in a specific category, you will choose your own category and art project, much like a "free art" session. The booklet provides a Scripture theme and art ideas for all seven categories for each of the twelve sessions. At this level is where your art becomes more uniquely yours!

At the Servant level you may attain the Servant Knight designation, which is simply a decision to become a true Knight of Worship. Details are in the Servant book.

Breakdown of books: 

  • Purchase one Adult book for each adult participant.
  • Purchase one Child and one Mentor book for one adult (Mentor) and one child. 
  • Purchase one Child book for each additional child (2nd or more) in your group.

Only one Mentor book is needed for each child group. A Mentor book is not needed for an adult only practice. The adult and child books are compatible to do together.

Art materials not included.